Clean Energy. Clean Water.

Welcome to the Cavitation Age

Mitton Valve Technology Inc. is a privately owned company incorporated in 2004 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. It licenses applications of its proprietary low-energy, high-volume hybrid hydrodynamic-acoustic cavitation reactor system.

Highly energy efficient, scalable, capable of entraining and extracting gases under positive and negative pressure and handling thick sludges and slurries, the Mitton Cavitation Reactor offers an easily integrated applied cavitation system for industrial scale processes.

To-date, Mitton and its partners have articulated 84 vertical markets of interest. Current focus is on applications for treatment of food waste effluent, industrial odour control through oxidization and mercaptan management, rooftop chiller remediation, bitumen recovery from oilsands tailings, fractured shale oil flowback remediation and municipal blackwater remediation.

Mitton licenses its national, international and WIPO patent-protected technology through a 20-year licensing and minimum royalty guarantee model that empowers secure, sustainable, and profitable growth.

Through an innovative adoption model, Mitton empowers prospective license holders to use, test, and validate its technology on their own terms within the context of their own industrial processes. Then, all results are third-party assessed by an independent lab of the customer’s choosing.


Following culmination of nearly eight years of R&D that transformed the next step in the evolution of racecar valve trains into an inline industrial chemical reactor, Mitton began commercialization of its applied cavitation reactor in December 2012.

In its first year of commercialization, following initial validation by US, $26+ billion/year industrial equipment giant, Affiliated Distributors (AD), Mitton has received a Supplier of the Year Finalist designation from AD, and has earned the prestigious Technology Green 15™ award from Deloitte.


Management Team

  • Michael J. Mitton,
  • Michael R. White,
    Legal Counsel;
  • Ian Scott,
    Project Manager
  • David McLaughlin,
    Marketing Communication Director
  • Debbie Mitton,
    Business Logistics Administrator
  • Wendy Martin,
    Executive Assistant
  • Steve Lancaster,
    Application Research Consultant

Board of Directors

  • Michael J. Mitton
  • Roy Keighley

Advisors to the Board

  • Ward Seymour
  • Andrew Nichols