Clean Energy. Clean Water.

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Portable, scalable and technically elegant, the Mitton Cavitation Reactor has found its chief purpose at the intersection of the water and energy sectors. Licensed to remediate water used in oil and gas industry and food processing applications, it offers the prospect of liberating increasingly important domestic sources of energy, which until now could only be made available by sacrificing our most precious resource: water.

At present, Mitton Valve Technology Inc. and its partners have targeted 84 vertical markets of interest. Current focus is on applications for treatment of food waste effluent, rooftop chiller remediation, bitumen recovery from oilsand tailings, fractured shale oil flowback remediation and municipal blackwater remediation.

Mitton Valve Technology Inc. licenses its national, international and WIPO patent-protected technology through a 20-year licensing and minimum royalty guarantee model that empowers secure, sustainable, and profitable growth.

Through an innovative adoption model, Mitton empowers prospective license holders to use, test, and validate its technology on their own terms within the context of their own industrial processes. Then, all results are third-party assessed by an independent lab of the customer’s choosing.

With continuing support from R&D and distribution partners like RealTech Inc., Affiliated Distributors, Rechner Sensors, and others, Mitton stands poised to achieve massive disruption in two of the economy’s most significant sectors: water and energy.

If you are interested in exploring a Mitton Cavitation Reactor application of your own, contact Dave McLaughlin at

Application Table

Tested / Validated Application North America USA Canada Europe India Australia Other Notes:
YES Black Water / Sewage SOLD Purchased as an investment: For Sale.
YES Produced Water from Oil / Gas Wells   SOLD          
YES Odour Control via Oxidization            
YES Mercaptan Management (Odour Control)              
YES Industrial Food Effluent              
YES Brewery Waste Water and PRO              
YES Leachate from Landfill              
YES Lake Water Remediation SOLD            
YES Biomass Pre-Treat for Methane Prod.              
NO Roof Top Cooling Tower Water Remediation              
YES Used Oil recovery and separation              
YES Ethanol Thin Stillage              
NO Ethanol Production Enhancement              
YES Waste Activated Sludge Solubilized for Digestion              
NO Blood Waste Remediation              
YES Bitumen Recovery / Tailings Remediation              
YES Bitumen Upgrading              
YES SAGD Process and Water Remediation              
NO Brewery Process Enhancement              
NO Potable Water treatment and Ozonation              
NO Bilge Water Separation and Remediation              
YES Aquaculture and Fish Farming              
YES Bio Diesel Extraction              
NO Anoxic Process and Gas Replacement              
YES Co2 Sequestering              
YES Syngas Separation              
YES Oil Viscosity Reduction              
YES Emulsion Breaking Oil / Glycol