Reclaiming our World’s Water

Welcome to the Cavitation Age

Portable, scalable, and easily integrated into existing wastewater treatment systems, the automated Mitton Cavitation Reactor (MCR) system exploits a nominal amount of kinetic energy to generate a field of cavitation that does the heavy lifting at the microscopic level. From altering chemical bonds and generating hydroxyl radicals to breaking emulsions and separating oils and suspended solids from water, finally harnessing and applying the destructive force of cavitation — just as we harnessed and applied wind, electricity or the atom — represents the dawn of a new industrial era.

Welcome to the Cavitation Age.

Mitton Cavitation                      

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Industrial-Scale Applied Cavitation Reactors

CAVITATION: The formation of partial vacuums in a liquid by a swiftly moving solid body (such as a propeller) or by high-intensity sound waves; also: the pitting and wearing away of solid surfaces (as of metal or concrete) as a result of the collapse of these vacuums in surrounding liquid.

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Industrial-Scale Applied Cavitation Reactor